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Why Your Child Should Not be Spending Too Much Time Indoors?

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August 13, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Refractive Disorders in Children you Must Be Aware of!

Children that often spend too much time indoors are at a risk of developing short sightedness or myopia. There are numerous reasons why your child may get an early eye prescription leading you to buy glasses online.

A common reason why children develop myopia is because a specific cell in the retina dysfunctions and natural light does not penetrate the eyes. This results in disorders of the retina.

With eye growth come certain anomalies, that make the images focus outside of the retina. The cell on the retina does not respond to light intensity and the preciseness of vision is badly hampered.

In other cases, children have blurred vision when the cornea is damaged by too much lighting.

Artificial Light

If your child spends too much time inside rooms that have indoor lighting, their eyes may develop an over stimulated cell that prevents the accuracy of vision. Furthermore, the cells on the retina may just lead to unnecessary growth of the eye. It is not clear how much light a young child needs – but nearly 30 percent of children aged less than 10 may develop myopia at a tender age.

Squint Vision

There are various reasons why kids remain indoors these days. Technological advances have led to children spending more time with computer games and online videos. Before computers became all too popular, children often spent a lot of time outdoors.

Nowadays, children aged 6 to 12 often are entertained by television channels, mobile phones and video games.

While myopia can be cured and corrected by vision enhancing glasses, excessive indoor light may just about lead to lazy eye or amblyopia. This leads to children holding objects too close for better vision. In a lot many cases, patients also squint all the time to help see well.

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Corrective Vision

More and more children are risking their eyesight when they stay indoors without natural light. There are a host of developmental issues that emerge when your child spends excessive hours facing a digital screen. While myopia can be corrected with the help of glasses, it is wiser that parents prevent the onset of the condition in the first place.

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