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Men's Glasses Matching With Different Hairstyles!

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October 12, 2017
Published By Ella Thompson

For an elemental panache, it's essential to choose glasses that suit your hairstyling. From those rebel curls, vintage style, dreadlocks, messy look and more, men have been experimenting a lot with their haircut. Along with playing the hair game right, it's also necessary for men to wear glasses frames that look flattering on their face.

This time we have curated some of the trending men's hairstyles and which prescription glasses or regular glasses frames they should wear. Take a look!

Vintage Hairstyle and Round Tortoiseshell Frames

If your hairstyle is 80s inspired, then you should opt for retro frames. This Gatsby sleek back hairdo will blend well with round tortoiseshell frames!

Norfolk glasses

Balanced Hairstyle and Oversized Square Frames

Oversized frames will look best with a balanced, proportionate hairstyle. Neither too short nor too long hair can befriend with oversized square frames!

Norfolk glasses

Side Hairdo and Round Metal Frames

If side hairdo is your thing, then you can go for round metal frames. You can also opt for titanium eyeglasses. They are light and will give a balanced look with your hairstyle!

Norfolk glasses

Textured Hairstyle and Black Frames

If your hair has height, volume, and colour then opt for simple Black oversized frames for a dapper look. Hairstyles with strong lines work well with basic Black frames!

Norfolk glasses

Long Hairstyle and Thick Frames

Men who carry long hair can opt for any thick frames. Be it in round glasses, square glasses or rectangular glasses, thick frames add definition to your face!

Norfolk glasses

Front Flicks and Rectangular Frames

Men with stylish front flicks should wear rectangular frames. These frames will give your hairdo a crisp look. Get rectangular frames at Optically at affordable prices!

Norfolk glasses

Undercut Hairstyle and Transparent Frames

Undercut hairdo never goes out of style and if you don this look, then go for sleek frames or transparent frames. These types of frames give more symmetry and balance out the look. Get an excellent collection of clear glasses frames in our collection of men's glasses online!

Norfolk glasses

Go ahead and select from an excellent variety of men's glasses. We offer all latest styles to compliment your optical wardrobe. Create a fashionable and sophisticated vibe with your hairdo along with eyeglasses frames from Optically!