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Get Over These Myths Today!

Glasses Online
December 20, 2017
Published By Ella Thompson

Every positive has a negative. Likewise, every thing is surrounded by myths that we unknowingly believe in and even if we try to break them them somehow follow us. So, we thought, if we cannot the change or break the myths around everything, we can at least simplify the ones related to eyeglasses. While there is a whole bunch of them, we thoughts of focussing these five. So, ladies and gentlemen, think over about these 5 eyeglasses myths. Be it prescription sunglasses, designer glasses or simple eyeglasses these myths do not hold any truth and the next time you go shopping glasses online, like we always urge you to do for your comfort and convenience, do not think about these myths at all.

Eating carrots improves your eyesight

Carrots contain Vitamin A. True!! But, even green leafy vegetables and fruits solve the issue. They can protect and prevent our eyes from age related problems and general problem but they cannot solve the medical conditions like near and farsightedness. And hence, we have glasses. So, next time, eat carrots but, not with a thought that all they do is protect your eyes.

Sitting too close to TV can damage your eyes

If you are sitting too close to your TV, it may be a sign that you already have vision problems like nearsightedness and this will hold true for any other things that you want to take a close look at. It could be any different thing too. It might be strainfull but there is no scientific proof that says that this really damages your eyes.

Reading in dim light is not done!

Any habits which is said to be harmful to your eyes is reading in dim light. In spite this myth, we all do it and sometimes it also feels comforting. But, all reading in dim light can do to your eyes is fatigue them or give you a headache but, it doesn’t really damage your eyes. It cannot!

Image glasses

Sunglasses is the only way to protect eyes from the sun

It’s not only sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun, it’s the UV protecting element added to your lenses. This coating can also be added to clear prescription glasses and it will solve the same purpose. Just because sunglasses have dark and shaded lens doesn’t mean they can protect your eyes.

You do not need regular eye check ups

We go for an eye check up only when we have trouble seeing or have eye fatigue or headaches. But a regular check up to keep track of your eye health is equally important. It would not cause you any harm now, will it? Go on! The next time you go shop for glasses in NZ, we hope you will be a bit relaxed.