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How to Keep your Dark Glasses in Top Shape? Some Cleaning Tips

Prescription Glasses
July 30, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Clean up your Sunglasses in Style: Useful Tips

From protecting your treasured pair of eyes from harmful UV rays to just about framing your face in the best manner, your sunglasses online are a pair that does a lot of work.

Since our sunglasses take care of our sartorial style and protect our peepers all the time from glare, it’s important that we know how to keep these besties in shape and extend their lifespan.

Here are the best ways in which your sunglasses can be kept in mint condition even after regular use:

To begin with, keep your hands clean and do not wash them with oil and lotion based soaps before you touch sunglasses. You should gently rinse the sunglasses or prescription glasses in tap water. You can just about keep the glasses under a tepid flow of the faucet. Make sure that the water pressure in gentle and the temperature not too cold.

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After you have washed up the dirt or debris with water, you could just about use a minute amount of dish soap that is soft and mild. Don’t use soap water that has high sodium or is full of moisturisers. After you wash the glasses, make sure that you fully rinse the lenses to ensure that the soap has gone.

Keep your Wipes Handy

After rinsing away the soap water, dry the lenses using a lint free cloth or even a microfiber cloth to clean the sunglasses. Always avoid using a towel that has a textured base. These can inadvertently damage the lenses. If your sunglasses have a lot of detailing, it is better to dry them in the air before you actually put them on.

The best way to keep sunglasses brand new and free of scratches is by not wiping them with your clothes or even other cloths. If you wipe the lenses in any type of cloth, you may risk scratching your glasses or even leave behind unwanted outside residue. Always store your glasses in a protective case and keep your glasses smudged up. You also most certainly do not need special sprays to clean these pairs of facial furniture.

Pay proper attention to your frames and earpieces. Whatever you do, remember the handiest form of soap and water are needed to wash these and keep them up and running. Do not ever use vinegar, bleach or even ammonia to wash the lenses.

Keeping your prescription sunglasses and men’s glasses in top shape is really easy. At Optically, we offer you a glass case with microfiber cloth for cleaning, so keep all your clean up worries aside!