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How to fix broken glasses?

Prescription Glasses
April 11, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Being a prescription glass holder makes me realise how helpless I would feel without my glasses, for instance if they were lost or they broke!

Especially if I am too attached to a single pair and never thought of getting a second pair or a spare one.

The whole ordeal of getting your glasses repaired will take at least a week, even new prescription glasses will take upto 4 days to make.

What would I do in that situation? I have a higher prescription that doesn't allow me to be without my glasses for even a minute! Unless I am sleeping! ( Psst, I’ve slept with them on sometimes!!)

Since you are solely reliant on your glasses when they do break, it's a situation that

  • One-makes you curse your vision!

  • Two- makes you vulnerable because you cant see clearly!

  • Nonetheless fixing them is a must or a replacement!!

  • We know what you could do in an advent of your glasses do get broken!

But first let us narrow down what do broken glasses mean:

  1. Nose Bridge Break

  2. Arm Break

  3. Lens Crack

  4. Lens Pop

Now, the nose bridge break is the easiest to fix as its where the frames rest securely and the acetate portion is bigger. Even the arm break at the hinge or the armrest isn't that hard but required attention to minute detail.

A lens crack cannot be repaired at home and requires replacement even if the internet claims to be fixing it- it is just not advised as your eyes strain through the cracked glass, so we will just push that out for now.

A lens popping out of frame is a common concern and just need energy and precision!

What do you need to fix glasses?

  1. Alcohol

  2. White Cloth

  3. Bonding Glue

  4. Tweezers

full rimmed frame

How can I fix?

Firstly place the broken frame on the white cloth or napkin, where you can see the concern clearly.

Then using alcohol on a cotton swab clean out the area that needs to be fixed for any dust, particles or dew.

Place the bonding glue carefully on the area that needs to be fixed like the nose bridge or the arms, using the other part very carefully connect the broken piece in alignment

Hold that joining position for a minute till the glue dries out.

Leave the frame on the white cloth for 30 minutes till the glue, alcohol and the break is fixed effectively!

For a lens pop, just diagonally place the lens in the rim of the frame, using a tweezer stretch out the frame a bit for the lens to fit exactly. Apply pressure on the concave side of lens and bend in just a tad little in between and later around the sides to fit it in the frame.

Now that you know what measures you can take to fix your affordable designer glasses in full rimmed acetate whether it is womens or mens glasses, hop online on optically.co.nz and check out our trending new arrivals.