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Common Eye Conditions that affect Vision

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August 08, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Top treatable eye conditions affecting your vision

Before you reach out for glasses online, have you ever stopped to think what good eye health feel like? Your eyes are your gateway to the world and need constant care.

This pair of peepers often indicates your general health condition too at different stages of your life. Whether or not you wear prescription sunglasses or opt for your regular dark eyewear, there are some telling signs that could prove that your eyes need attention.

Symptoms for these diseases may not be very obvious but regular eye check up can prove to be helpful in detecting eye problems. Whether your vision is not what it used to be, it is important that you check with a vision therapist.

Vision Worries

Here are some problems that might sound familiar.

If you are reading for hours and work at the computer incessantly, you may complain about eye strain. Your eyes may just ache and water. You need to take rest and give them some rest.

Sometimes the eye surface may just feel irritated and infected with some bacterial infection, you could visit a doctor who might prescribe an eye drop.

Red eyes or bloodshot eyes could also be indicative of a late night or even a lack of sleep. Sometimes you may also suffer from conjunctivitis or sun damage by not wearing shades over the years.

Night Blindness

Is it hard to figure the details at night when you are driving? Do you have failing eyesight while walking in the darkness such as in move halls? This definitely sounds like night blindness that affects many people. This is a problem that may not have a permanent cure. If you have it, try and be extra careful when there is less light.

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If you find your vision to be weak on one eye, then chances of you developing lazy eye or amblyopia is high. This condition is mostly seen in infants and children and treatments should be sought at a young age. Optical surgeons often recommend corrective glasses for lazy eye. This condition can be treated when diagnosed.

Colour Consciousness

A lot of people also complain of not being able to distinguish one colour from another. Experts call this colour-blindness that can affect any person at any age. The eye doctor can diagnose this disease with a simple test. Special glasses and tailor made contacts for your eyes may just about cure this condition.

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