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4 Foods to Eat for Healthy & Long-Lasting Vision

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August 23, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

4 Wonder Foods for Your Eyes

Most people imagine failing eyesight too be a result of eye strain or aging. An explosion in food research has shown that a diet devoid of healthy foods can speed up ageing of the eyes and lead to eyesight impairment. Despite browsing through glasses online for your everyday wear, you may still have failing vision.

Growing body of evidence suggests a strong connection between what you eat and healthy vision. Before you complain of skewed vision and reach out for your prescription sunglasses online, we unravel the mystery of wonder foods that help reduce the risk of eye problems.

These are vision-protecting nutrients that come from having a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, fish and protein. Here are the select few that have proven benefits for your eyes:


Several fishes are a rich source of mega-3 fatty acids which are known for improving eyesight. Oily fish is best for optic nerves and have oil in their gut and body tissue. The most common fishes that are a rich source of these oils are tuna, mackerel and sardines. Anchovies and herring are also renowned for their lubricating oils and consuming them regularly can avert dry eyes.

fish salad

•Legumes and Nuts

Nuts are known to have large quantities of vitamin E that helps protect your peepers from age related impairments. Some of the best nuts and legumes that can be consumed on a daily basis are walnuts, cashews and Brazil nuts. A healthy diet of lentils and beans also help reverse astigmatism in older adults.

•Citrus Fruits

Fruits are the best source of healthy vitamins and nutrients in adults. Just like vitamin E, vitamin C is great against fighting age related eye damage. This nutrient has effective antioxidants that fight numerous diseases afflicting the eye.

•Carrots and Leafy Green Vegetables

Carrots are perfect when boiled and steamed with herbs. This is a portable vegetable that is perfect for on-the-go snacking. If you eat carrots, you will be able to see better and get a dose of your regular vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to reduce the impact of both cataracts and macular degeneration seen in old age. Toss these veggies with spinach and kale, known for their beta carotene and lutein alongside zeaxanthin. These are a natural sunscreen and helps protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

leafy green salad

Serve these amazing wonder foods in your salads or even dip them in hummus. Munch in some flavourful fish curry for the burst of nutrition. Remember to scoop up the goodness of low calorie, high vitamin foods and mix up your food wish with some wholehearted goodness of age old ingredients that help you see better and longer!

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