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Men’s Glasses

A fashion challenge!

Our range of eyeglasses for men is a worthy challenge. Even without aspiring to the top 50 best dressed men of the year league, the most modest of men will not be able to resist a sneaky peak in the mirror as he passes, and grin happily. Our strong acetate shapes, pilots’ styles, and feather light titanium frames can add interest and definition to the shy and retiring whilst our designer sunglasses will add the extra exuberance to the flighty and flamboyant.

Our prescription glasses are equally well favoured with colour, shape, texture and style, and are the perfect accompaniment when out on business, working in the factory, reading at home, or going for a workout at the gym. Optically’ online selection for men is never boring, and always satisfying and, with over 3000 prescription glasses and sunglasses to choose from, has the best range of eyeglasses in the New Zealand for men.


Optically offers perfect high quality men’s glasses with high quality precision lens at the most affordable prices in the New Zealand. Our range starts at just $19!

Men’s glasses – for those who see!